NAB 2014 – Come by and say hello at Kessler & Vinten booths


I will be at NAB again this year, currently in the air on Southwest satellite WiFi, typing out some information if you are interested in joining me as I talk shop. I am really looking forward to this week. It is always nice to see all my old friends who are super passionate about our business and it is awesome to meet new people who share the same drive. Many people who I have never met, but know so much about thanks to social media, meet up during the show and on the Vegas strip after hours. It is a great time all around and I highly recommend you plan a trip to Vegas to attend NAB if you never have! It is as much about the people (if not more) than it is about the gear on display.

kessler booth

Tom at Vinten

I will primarily be hanging at the Kessler booth, demonstrating new gear and answering questions. I was also invited to speak at the Vitec stage this year next to the Vinten Booth. My presentations will be mostly Monday. I finally learned how to use Keynote to add to the experience 😉


I have worked on some pretty cool gigs and used some cutting-edge gear over the last year and I will be sharing stories with BTS pics and footage.

My fluid schedule is as follows:

Monday April 7th:
8am to 11am: Kessler Booth (Q & A and product demos)
11:15am to 11:45am: Vitec Stage (Topic: Shooting TV in Extreme Environments – Mount Washington, NH)
12pm to 12:30pm: Vitec Group Mini-Doc Sitdown Interview
1pm to 2pm: Vinten Booth (Media interviews, Q & A time)
2pm to 3pm: Kessler Booth (Q & A and product demos)
3:30pm to 4pm: Vitec Stage (Topic: Shooting for the Editor)
4:15pm to 4:30pm: Teradek Interwiew w/ Dan Chung on
4:30pm to 5:30pm: Vinten Booth (Talking tripods and pan heads, Q & A)
5:30pm to 6pm: Vitec Stage (Topic: Sports Television)

Tuesday April 8th:
8am to 12pm: Kessler Booth and TBD (check back here for schedule updates during NAB week)
1pm to 3pm: Wandering around shooting video blog about my favorite gear at the show. I will edit it and hopefully post it by Wednesday night to
3pm to 6pm: Kessler Booth and TBD (check back here for schedule updates during NAB week)

Wednesday April 9th:
8am to 6pm: Kessler Booth and TBD (check back here for schedule updates during NAB week)

Thursday April 10th:
8am to 6pm: Kessler Booth and TBD (check back here for schedule updates during NAB week)


My talk about shooting in extreme environments will cover building weather tight heated time-lapse boxes for DSLRs to capture Mt Washington summit rime ice forming in 50 MPH winds, in heavy frozen fog at night.

Shooting for the editor will be a brief explanation on how I work in the field on my own, with a producer/editor and on set using storyboards to help economically capture what is needed for the edit.

Finally, I will recount my 13 years as a professional sports broadcast camera operator documenting unscripted fast action using large camera systems with super telephoto lenses.

I am not certain what topics will be covered in my Teradek interview. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.

For a look back at past NAB’s, check out this link.


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